My Deployment Journal, Military Child Edition

  • $24.00

Our Service Members miss SO much while they are deployed; this journal was designed to help Military Children document everything their hero is missing while he/she is away. Sections inside include: A Letter From My Hero, Missed Holidays, Missed Birthday, Communication Log, Monthly Recaps, a special Homefront Heroes Deployment Certification, and more! Every deployment is different; use each section as it applies. 

This journal is suitable for up-to a 12-month deployment with all branches of Active Duty Military, Reserves, or Guard, and is suitable for military children of any age (although an adult will need to help younger children write). Whether your hero is missing developmental milestones, school events, sports games, or concerts, this journal will allow you to capture it all ... and then reference the journal when your service member is home and ready to hear all about his/her time away.  

We recommend this journal be purchased several weeks before the deployment date, as there is a page in the journal for the deploying service member to write a message.  


  • Journal, 100 pages 
  • One (1) Homefront Heroes Pen
  • One (1) roll of washi tape for attaching pictures. NOTE: tapes are picked/packaged at random; we can not accommodate pattern/color requests at this time.
  • Spiral-Bound to accommodate extra thickness for adding pictures 


This journal was thoughtfully designed for military children by a fellow military family. We know deployments can be tough; we hope this journal provides a sense of comfort, excitement, and positivity during this time. Proudly printed in the USA. 

ISBN 978-1-7923-1173-4

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