Hooray! We did it! Homefront Heroes, LLC has launched!

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You guys ... we did it! With a LOT of support from my husband, a lot of sleepless nights, and more coffee than one should probably consume in the span of several months, I have followed my heart and created Homefront Heroes, LLC!  Woop! Woop! Hooray! Happy dance!  

*And a fun bonus: we get to share our birthday with our great country! Happy 4th!* 

Creating Homefront Heroes, LLC wasn't a lifelong goal; instead it just naturally (and rather quickly) happened ... and I wouldn't change a thing! I am SO happy to be here!

In case you're curious how and why Homefront Heroes, LLC came to exist, let me fill you in.

I've had immense respect for our military and our brave service members for as long as I can remember comprehending what the military is. I went to college in a "military town" and was lucky to call (in my opinion) some of our nation's finest Sailors and Marines, my friends; a few years later I met my now-husband, and I entered a new level of military life. Everything from trying to learn acronyms and getting used to that lovely boat smell, to deployments with very little communication, and being involved-with and serving-on our FRG's. I loved it all. Ok, so I didn't LOVE all of the deployments, but they are a part of the military life that I love, so they count.

I had a hero husband and a great career ... I was living the dream! Then we were relocated from San Diego to the Pacific Northwest, and I quickly realized my career wasn't one that moved easily. Unsure of what to expect, I opened my own small business; after watching it take on a transformation of its own, I quickly found myself planning beautiful weddings. Event planning had always been a hobby of mine, and it came naturally, so it seemed like a great fit - however, it wasn't what I saw as my forever path. I decided to close my business when I was pregnant with our second kiddo so I could focus on our littles. I'm telling you all of this because I've been lucky at each point of my career-life to have the positions I had, to have each client, etc., and even to be able to step away and stay home ... but I always felt like something BIG was to come. Well, this is it. Homefront Heroes, LLC is my something BIG. 

I've experienced numerous deployments during my husband's 19+ year Naval career; I know from experience that deployments can be hard, and I also know there has been a lack of tangible, positive and encouraging deployment-based products available to our military families, let alone a single, go-to retailer for these goods. I'm on a mission to fix this. But let's be clear: I am not a professional counselor or trained advice giver. I am a proud military wife with loads of experience and a positive perspective, ready to support and cheer on my fellow military families!

Throughout the years, I listened to friends and acquaintances comment on how they and/or their children were struggling with a deployment, but I didn't have much to offer beyond an "I'm sorry." I felt bad for them, but I was sure someone would eventually do something to help....  Fast forward to 2018. We had our first deployment since having children, and I saw first-hand that there was still a lack of positive and encouraging deployment-based products available, so I decided to do something about my frustrations. I only intended to design one product that I wish my family had available to us during that deployment; but then I started thinking about other items I wish were available to military families, and Homefront Heroes, LLC was created. 

I am proud of our mission, to support and celebrate our families at home, specifically while their loved ones are deployed. We strive to embody pride in our service members AND in our dependants.
I genuinely appreciate your support and your business! 

the Homefront Heroes family

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