Making A Difference: First Donation to the Gary Sinise Foundation

Posted by Darla Vieyra on

Gary Sinise Foundation: Donation

Wohoo! We made our FIRST donation today, and it feels SO GOOD to know we're making a difference! Yes, it may have been a small donation (we just launched, after all), but it was still a donation! We are so excited to continue to make donations each month! 

In case you missed it on our website: Our mission is to support families while their loved ones are deployed ... but unfortunately, not all of our brave men and women return home. Because of this, we felt it was only right to donate a portion of our sales to an organization that helps military families after their loss.

We selected the Gary Sinise Foundation because it offers a variety of incredible programs dedicated to our Veterans and their families - including Relief & Resiliency programs for families of our fallen heroes.  We wish everyone returned home, but since that's not a reality, we're happy to donate funds to an organization that supports families after their loss.   

To learn more about the Gary Sinise Foundation and all of their programs,or to make a donation of your own, visit:

NOTE: Image taken from the Gary SInise Foundation website. 

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